Satoshi Labs

Income potential:Not sure yet
Claim Frequency:Every 5 minutes
Annoyances:Minimal, pop ups
Payment processor:Faucethub
Extras:Mining game and offerwalls

I’ve only recently started using Satoshilabs and I’m still working on building my mining assets. I think that with the right strategy and some time, this could become a decent paying faucet.

Strategy & Tips

SatoshiLabs uses a energy system with their own credit system so the first thing you want to do after your first claim, is to go their offerwall and complete a few tasks to build up your credits. You need about 96 credits a day.

Then you want to enable the “Autorefill Energy” option.

I complete the tasks under “PTC Wall” and “Shortlinks” every day to build up my credits (for about 900 credits a day). On the Offerwalls page you can convert credits to satoshi. I do this conversion, leaving 200 credits to cover the automatic energy refill for at least 2 days.

Leave 100 – 300 credits to cover the daily automatic energy refill

SatoshiLabs mining game provides 6 assets you can buy for satoshi that generate a certain number of satoshi’s every hour.

Surprisingly, from a cost per production point, the Generator for 750 satoshi’s is the second best option you can buy, so I am building up my generators initially. Here is the cost per production table for quick reference.

Cost per production. Note the ranking

With credit to satoshi conversion from the offerwalls, and regular claiming from their faucet, I am getting about 2 generators a day.

Take note that mining assets only last 90 days so you have to get new ones regularly to build up your long term potential.