Income potential:Not sure yet
Claim Frequency:None. Play games often
Payment processor:Own
Extras:Mining game

Rollercoin is a very interesting “faucet” in my opinion as they have minimal advertising and to increase your earnings, you have to increase your “mining power” by playing games. Your earnings are determined by your mining power against the “network power”.

Like SatoshiLabs, they also have a “mining game” where you can buy assets and increase your earning power. Their mining assets are more “expensive” though and unlike SatoshiLabs there is currently no mention of how long these assets last.

Mimicking a real life crypto mining operation, you need to buy racks and miners. Strangely enough, their cheapest miner does appear to have the best “satoshi to power” rating. But there is a catch, every time you buy a miner, any new miners cost 50% more for 24 hours, which could explain why the cost rating is almost in reverse of what you would expect.

Cost per production