Moon Dogecoin

Income potential:Decent
Claim Frequency:Optimum: 5 – 30 minutes. At least daily
Annoyances:Minor. Popunders and page reloads
Payment processor:Coinpot

Moon Dogecoin , from Coinpot, is one of my favorite faucets. You can claim as often as you like, with at least 5 minute intervals. The faucet reward also reduces in how much it increases with time. You will get a higher reward amount in the first 30 minutes, but in the next 30 minutes it won’t double. This is why the optimal claim frequency is as much as possible. I claim about every 15 minutes.

The daily increasing bonus, along with the “mystery bonus” makes this a very decent faucet to claim from. They also have an offerwall with which you can increase your claim amounts.


As with Moon Bitcoin, Moon Litecoin, Moon Dash, and Moon Cash, the claims income initially is quite low. But as you claim every day and the loyalty bonus increases, the returns become quite handsome.