Making the most from Faucets

Want to make the most from all the various cryptocurrency faucets available? Follow my plan and you can make some extra income easily.

First, go and sign up at Coinpot. It’s quick and easy, and you’re going to use the email address you used to register, to sign in to the following faucets

Next you want to sign up with Cointiply (Read more). Besides the hourly faucet claims, also check the PTC ADS at least once a day for some more coins. Claim at least once a day as they have a loyalty bonus that increases 1% per day (up to 100%).

Third, it’s time to sign up with Faucethub. You are going to be using this micro-payment processor a lot. You will also need to add your various cryptocurrency wallet addresses (for your own wallets) to Faucethub.

I currently use the following Faucethub faucets (although there are loads more available)

  • Satoshi Labs – Save up enough to start buy mining resources (aim for the Generator in the beginning) – Read more
  • Febbit – A great site where you can upgrade chips to increase your earnings. – Read more
  • FaucetCrypto – I spend an hour or two a day claiming the 100 claims they provide daily for multiple currencies. Because of the limited number of claims, do not make the mistake of trying to claim too many of the 28 currencies available. I am only claiming 9 (all linked to my faucetub account – no direct payouts) which gets me into a nice claim rotation. – Read more
  • Random Satoshi – A auto-claim faucet. I pick one coin and queue up multiple auto-claims with the easy-to-get credits. – Read more

The following are other faucets that process their own payments. They generally have slightly higher withdrawal requirements.

  • Free Dogecoin – Claim hourly for best returns. Read more
  • Free Bitcoin – Claim hourly for best returns. Read more
    • Tip: These two both show hourly timers in their title, visible in the tab, so I use them to check when I need to do my hourly claims.
  • Rollercoin – A unique faucet in which you get rewards for playing arcade style games. They also have a “mining” component, so save up to buy “miners” and increase your earning power. – Read more
  • BTC Town – A “mining” game that appears to have promise, although the assets are quite pricey to start with. I expect once you get going on this one, you should get some fantastic returns. – Read more
  • Satoshi Hero – A new faucet I found with quite high returns. – Read more
  • Satoshi Monster – From the makers of Satoshi Hero. Similar returns with a longer wait time – Read more

My Top 10 *Bitcoin* faucets

  1. Satoshi Hero – A new faucet I found that has been giving me on average 1500 satoshi’s a day, with regular claims and no offerwalls/games.
  2. Satoshi Monster – Started using it shortly after Satoshi Hero and have been getting an average of 1000 satoshi’s a day.
  3. Cointiply – Probably the biggest/best faucet in the world at the moment.
  4. Moon Bitcoin – In conjunction with Bonus Bitcoin and Bit Fun, give me 2000 satoshi’s a day at 25%+ loyalty bonus currently.
  5. SatoshiLabs – I’m still building my assets, but there appears to be a lot of potential.
  6. Rollercoin – Fun little games to get away from the usual claiming mundaneness.
  7. BTC Town – Interesting potential although a more expensive starter.
  8. Bonus Bitcoin – As per 4. Moon Bitcoin.
  9. Bit Fun – As per 4. Moon Bitcoin.
  10. Febbit – An interesting mining game.